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•System unit
—The "System unit" is the name given to the main PC box which houses the various elements which go together to make up the PC. Within the System unit is the computer system's motherboard, which contains all the main components, such as the CPU. 
—The Motherboard is contained inside your system unit and all the vital computer systems plug directly into the motherboard. The CPU is normally housed on your motherboard along with all other electronic components. Other items such as the hard disc are attached to the system board, either directly or via cables. 
•Hard disk
The hard disk is typically the fastest and largest in terms of data, for example 40 -80 GB storage device in a PC.  It is the main storage device and is found inside the System Unit.

•Central Processing Unit (CPU)
—The CPU (Central Processing Unit) is normally an Intel Pentium (or equivalent) and it is one of the most important components within your computer.
•Random Access Memory (RAM)
—The RAM (Random Access Memory) inside your computer is where the operating system is loaded when you switch on your computer and also where your applications are copied to when you start an application, such as a word processor or database programme. 
—The CD ROM is a special type of memory which does not allow the contents to be altered (written to), only read. Once written the contents of the CD cannot be changed. Also ROM us not volatile - you do not need to supply power to your CDs for them to retain the information!
•Output devices
These are the most common output devices for displaying the results of processing carried out by the computer 
Flat Screen Monitors
Laser Printer
Printer Memory 
•Input devices
These are some of the main items used for inputting data into a computer.

Project Management Software

—Primavera is an integrated project portfolio management (PPM) solution comprising role-specific functionality to satisfy each team member's needs, responsibilities and skills.
—It provides a single solution for managing projects of any size, adapts to various levels of complexities within a project and intelligently scales to meet the needs of various roles, functions, or skill levels in your organization.
—It supports an unlimited number of projects, project groups or programs, activities, baselines, resources, and user-defined WBS and activity codes
—It has capability to handle large-scale, highly sophisticated and multifaceted projects, to organize projects up to 100,000 activities, providing unlimited resources and an unlimited number of target plans.
—Primavera gives a multitude of ways to organize, filter and sort activities, projects, and resources. It has a rich graphical interface to plan and manage and report on projects. It provides colored bands to organize data by project code, activity code, resource, cost accounts, WBS. It also offers powerful scheduling and resource leveling options, including backward resource leveling, smoothing and the ability to level selected portions of a project.
—Primavera is a successful course to organize projects, their resources involving human as well as non-labor, their timetables, their whole business procedures, the budget involved and change. Here are a few ways by which huge business entities are benefited with perfect Primavera courses, like:
—Find out early care of the perils involved in execution of project
—Get better visibility in performance of the project
—Expect the project rank- healthy or poor, at the end
— Working in a group as a team for the entire assignment
The combination is expected to provide customers with the following benefits:
—Access to a best-in-class
—Industry specific functionality for project-intensive industries such as architecture, engineering, and construction; public sector; aerospace and defense; utilities; oil and gas, manufacturing and high tech; and IT and services
—Better use of resources, reduced costs, and projects delivered on-time and within budget
—Better decision-making capabilities with improved transparency into project portfolios enterprise-wide
—Visibility into progress and performance, impact of changes on profitability, and enhanced what-if analysis capabilities for analyzing alternatives
—Added domain expertise and services through Primavera PARs and partners
—Architecture, Engineering, and Construction customers are expected to maximize the value of their resources, accelerate project delivery, effectively manage project and business risks and contracts to enforce clear accountability across organizational lines, and better deliver on their obligations through visibility into all aspects of project performance past, present, and future.
—Public Sector customers are expected to increase efficiency and improve stakeholder visibility and transparency through the monitoring of IT and other programs, and ensure compliance with an industry-leading Earned Value capability.
—Services customers are expected to build the right project portfolios, improve engagement cash flow and profitability, better manage internal assets and resources, and standardize and improve project delivery.
—Utilities customers are expected to benefit from increased business insight and operational agility as they manage intensive outage and shutdown projects, coordinate subcontractors and major procurement items, and share critical resources between both major projects and routine maintenance.
—Manufacturing customers are expected to evaluate product and project portfolios to improve competitive position in the market, and have visibility into the key skills and resources that will be required to carry out their commitments to stakeholders and customers.

Primavera Training
Primavera provides executives with a real-time view of their organization's project, program and portfolio performance. It equips managers with the right blend of usability, power and flexibility to effectively and efficiently execute on projects, and enables individuals across all levels of an organization to analyze, record and communicate reliable information and make timely, informed decisions.

  •        Select the right strategic mix of projects
  •        Assure project, IT and corporate governance
  •        Enhance processes and methods
  •        Improve project team collaboration
  •        Measure progress toward objectives
  •        Complete more projects successfully and with the intended payback.
The effective and easy solution to globally prioritize, plan, manage and execute assignments, portfolios and programs is through Primavera training. In today's extremely competitive scenario, great business establishments and companies have just realized that the businesses are taken ahead by assignments only. Thus, for this reason, huge organizations have been quite taxing on every project they initiate. Thus, Primavera is a successful course to organize projects, their resources involving human as well as non-labor, their timetables, their whole business procedures, the budget involved and change. Here are a few ways by which huge business entities are benefited with perfect Primavera courses, like:
  • ·         Find out early care of the perils involved in execution of project
  • ·         Get better visibility in performance of the project
  • ·         Expect the project rank- healthy or poor, at the end
  • ·          Working in a group as a team for the entire assignment
An efficient Primavera training process gives all the staff higher contact on Primavera software. The main advantage of this training is that the staffs get practical training of the software. Primavera training provided by certified training institutes and coaching by extremely professional, so that all my staffs can confidently handle any large enterprise project easily. Due to the advanced expertise, it’s become quite necessary that our managers get a perfect coaching and understand the importance of operating Primavera P6 project management software for their projects. Every Single teacher that appointed has real experience executing capital projects using Primavera tools. During Primavera course, examples are adapted to attend real life experience highly experienced coaches.

This is the entire list of training programs appointed by our firms: 

* Primavera Training-P6

Primavera P6 Training - Primavera Web-Based Project Management (3 Days
Primavera P6 Training - Planner/Scheduler Basic Course (3 Days)
Primavera P6 Training - Planner/Scheduler Advanced - Administration (1 Day) 
Primavera P6 Training - Planner/Scheduler Advanced - Projects (2 Days) 
Primavera P6 Training - Planner/Scheduler Advanced - Resources (2 Days) 
Primavera P6 Training - Primavera Web-Based Resource Management (1 1/2 Days) 
Primavera P6 Training - Migration from P3 to P6 (2 Days) 
Primavera P6 Training - Executive Portfolio Analysis (1 Day)

* Primavera Training - Contract Manager (formerly Expedition)
 Primavera Training - Contract Manager - v.12 (3 Days) 
 Primavera Training - Contract Manager - v.9-11 (3 Days)
Primavera Training - Contract Administration with Expedition - v.8.5 (2 Days)
Primavera Training - Contract Management with Expedition - v.8.5 (2 Days)
Primavera Training - InfoMaker for Expedition - Report Writing (2 Days)
*         Primavera Training - Suretrak
Primavera Training - Introduction to SureTrak Project Manager - v.3.0 (2 Days)

Primavera Training - Contractor
Primavera Training - Introduction to Contractor - v.6.0 (2 Days) 

Primavera Products
Primavera offers the following software components:

1.       Project Management
The Project Management module enables users to track and analyze performance. It is a multiuser, multi project system with scheduling and resource control capabilities supporting multi-tiered project hierarchies, resource scheduling with a focus on roles and skills, recording of actual data, customizable views and user definable data.

The module is ideal for my organization that needs to simultaneously manage multiple projects and support multiuser access across a department or the entire organization. It support an enterprise project structure (EPS) with an unlimited number projects, activities, baselines, resources, work breakdown structures (WBS), Organizational breakdown structures (OBS), user-defined codes, and critical path method (CPM) scheduling and resource leveling. Large scale implementations for organization-wide project portfolio management use it with Oracle or SQL Server as the project database. 

The module also provides centralized resource management which is includes resource timesheet approval and the ability to communicate with project resources who use the Timesheets module. In addition the module provides integrated risk management, issue tracking and management by threshold. The tracking features enable users to perform dynamic cross-project rollups of cost, schedule and earned value. Project work products and documents can be assigned to activities and managed centrally. The Report Wizard creates customized reports that extract specific data from its database.

2.       Methodology Management

The Methodology Management module is a system for authoring and storing methodologies, or project plan templates in a central location. Project managers can select, combine and tailor methodologies can be imported into the Project Management module using the Project Architect wizard and used as templates for new projects. In this way, my organization can continually improve and refine methodology activities, estimates and other information with each new project.

3.       Timesheets

Primavera also provides a Web-based inter project communication and timekeeping system. As a team level tool for project participants, Timesheets helps team members focus on the work at hand with a simple cross project to do list of their upcoming assignments. It also provides views of project changes and timecards for manager approval. Because team members use this module to enter up to the minute Information about their assignments and record time against their workloads, project leaders can make crucial project decisions with the confidence that they have the most current information possible.

4.       Primavera’s Web Application

The Primavera Web application provides browser based access to project, portfolio and resource data across the organization. Every web user can create customized dashboards that provide an individualized and focused view of the specific projects and categories of project data that are most relevant to their role in managing project portfolios, projects and resources. Project Workspaces and Workgroups extent the model of customizable, focused data views by enabling designated project team members to create a uniform team view of data that related to one specific project or to a subset of activities within a project. The Primavera Web application provides access to a wide range of data views and features that enable Web users to manage their projects from initial concept review and approval through to completion.

5.       Primavera Integration API

The Primavera Integration API is a Java based API and server that enables developers to create client codes that can seamlessly access Primavera’s project management functionality.

6.       Software Development Kit

The Primavera Software Development Kit (SDK) enables users to integrate the data in the Project Management module database with external databases and applications.   It provides access to the schema and stored procedures that encapsulate business logic. The SDK supports the Open Database Connectivity (ODBC) and standard and ODBC-compliant interfaces, such as OLE-DB and JDBC, for connecting to the project management database. The SDK must be installed on any computer that needs to integrate with the database.

7.       Claim Digger

Claim Digger provides the capability to compare two projects, or a project and an associated baseline, to determine what data has been added, deleted or modified from the schedules. Base on the data fields you select for comparison, this feature creates a project plan comparison report in one of three file formats. Claim Digger is automatically installed with the Project Management module. You can access it from the Tools menu.

8.       ProjectLink

ProjectLink is a plug in that enables Microsoft Project (MSP) users to work in the MSP environment while being connected to Primavera’s enterprise features. The functionality enables MP users to open/save projects from/to the Project Management module database from within the MSP application. Moreover MSP users have the ability to invoke Primavera’s resource management within the MSP environment. ProjectLink benefits organizations that have the additional functionality and optimized data organization available within Primavera applications.

Role Primavera in the Organization
      The following section describesthe roles as they typically apply to the Primavera applications.
       1.       Network administrators
Network administrators configure an organization’s network environment (local and wide area networks for optimal performance with Primavera applications. They install and maintain the server and client components of the applications. In addition, they manage user access to data and develop and maintain comprehensive security policy to ensure that Primavera Project Management data are protected from unauthorized access, theft or damage.
Network administrators ensure that the hardware and software supporting Primavera applications function reliably by;-

§      Setting up and maintaining the network to ensure reliable connections and the fastest possible data transfer.
§        Creating and maintaining accurate lists of network resources and users so that each ha a unique network identity

       2.       Database administrators
     Database administrators (DBAs) are responsible for setting up, managing and assigning access rights for the Primavera databases, maintain data integrity, and set interoperability standards.

       Database administrators ensure reliable access to the Primavera database by ;
  •      Installing, configuring and upgrading database server software and related products as required
  •    Creating and implementing the database
  •                Implementing and maintaining database security, including creating and maintaining users, roles and privileges for the database
  •                Monitoring database performance and tuning as needed
  •   Planning for growth and changes and establishing and maintaining backup and recovery policies and procedures

3.       Operations executives
Operations executives are responsible for strategic planning and ongoing performance analysis. They use the Project Management module and Primavera’s Web Portfolio Management application to analyze schedule, resource and cost data across projects.

        Senior executives may be responsible for ;-
  • §              Priotizing projects
  • §          The profit/loss for a specific business entity;_
  •                Funding and go/no-go decisions about projects
  •         Strategic planning over the future of the business or division

 4.       Project controls coordinators 

Project controls coordinators are responsible for ensuring that Primavera applications are implemented properly and operate smoothly. They play a key role during implementation by ;-
§                  Working with operations executives and program/project managers to set up methodologies in the Methodologies in the Methodology Management Module
§        Working with operations executives and program/project managers to structure project, organizational breakdown structure (OBS) and resource hierarchies, set up basic calendars and define organization-wide custom fields and codes in the Project Management module
§  Assigning security rights to users in the Project Management module

5.       Program managers

Program managers oversee several high-level project managers; they are responsible for multiple projects and use the Project Management and Methodology Management modules, along with Primavera’s Web application to;
  •               Perform cross-project analysis
  •               Manage projects to on-time and on budget completion
  •    Prioritize resources across projects
  •               Plan projects before they are funded

6.       Project managers
Project managers manage multiple small, repetitive projects or a single, complex project. They are responsible for on-time/on-budget completion of the projects and use the Project Management module and Primavera Web application to;-
§  Allocate specific named resource to aproject in conjunction with the functional manager of those resources
§  Communicate project information both up and down the chain of command
§  Manage resources related to the project

7.       Resource / cost managers
        Resource managers allocate resources across projects and distribute their workloads. They are responsible for resource planning, including recruiting, hiring and training resources and they are may be responsible for loading resource information within the company.

       8.       Team leaders
        Team leaders manage the work for a portion of a larger project. They are managers who produce work and manage a team and they often use the Project Management and Timesheets modules and the Primavera Web application, to prioritize short term tasks or objectives, team members typically when the duration is less than the planning period of the project.

      9.       Team members
        Team members are trained in a specific skill required on a project. They work with their manager to develop activities and durations for incorporation into the schedule. Once activities are added to the schedule, team members update them using the Timesheets module to indicate the work they performed during designated accounting periods. Team members may also use personalized dashboards in the Primavera Web application quickly access their projects, activities, documents and events.

Current Project/On going/Completed Projects

 Current Projects
IMATEX as NSC to Loh & Loh to complete the Mechanical and Electrical works of a landmark project in a city south of the country, hailed as Johor Bahru Sentral.
Contract Value RM 35 million

Imatex is Turnkey Contractor to design and install the Fire Protection System to the existing factory at Pekan, Pahang Darul Makmur in compliance with the BOMBA’S regulations.
Contract Value RM 6.0 million

Contract Value : RM 20 million

Completed Projects:
1.            PUSPAKOM
HICOM BUILDERS as a Turnkey Contractor, Design & Built 22 nos. Vehicle Inspection Centres in major towns across the country.
Contract Value RM 143 million

HICOM BUILDERS as a Turnkey Contractor Developed and Constructed a Factory Complex for the production of motorcycles.
Contract Value RM 183.2 million

HICOM BUILDERS as a Turnkey Contractor for landscaping works at the lakefront resort in the east coast of the country known as Tasik Kenyir.
HICOM BUILDERS also took part in the renovation works of the suite and main lobby of the resort.
Contract Value RM 7.8 million

HICOM BUILDERS as a Main Contractor for Construction of 5mg, 2mg Reservoir & Main Water Reticulation at Proton City Development Corporation.
Contract Value RM 26 million

HICOM BUILDERS as Main Contractor for Construction of 30 units Semi D, 48 units Double Storey & 45 units Single Storey for Proton City Development Corporation.
Contract Value RM 20 million

HICOM BUILDERS as a Developer for Residential and Commercial Complex on a 68 acre land and comprised of linked houses and shop units .
The development is known as Taman Sri Puchong and is located about 30 km from the city of Kuala Lumpur.
Contract Value RM 47 million

HICOM BUILDERS as Developer for Industrial Land which consists of variety of factory units for light industry activities.
The development is situated in the northern state of the country.
The development consists of linked factory and semi detached factory units.
Contract Value RM 50 million

HICOM BUILDERS as a NSC to Bina Rezeki for the construction of 51 units of Telecomunication Tower for Sapura in the State of Perak.
Contract Value RM 8.7 million

HICOM BUILDERS as a Developer for Residential and Commercial Development in Petaling Jaya Selangor, a prestigious suburb of Kuala Lumpur.
The development is on a 11-acre land comprises of Terrace Houses, Town- Houses and Shop-Offices
The development is known as Mutiara Tropicana
Contract Value RM 56.1 million

Core Business

Our core business divided into two:
1. Property & Development
2. Construction

HICOM Builders is a privately held real estate company that develops, acquires, constructs, owns and manages apartments, mixed-use properties, and land for residential development. With over 15 years of experience, HICOM Builders offers strategies for development that range from tried-and-true to inspired, depending on the goals of the undertaking.

At the foundation of our firm's experience and expertise is the development of high-quality apartments, town house and terrace house in valuable locations. In addition to the firm's development strength is our proven ability to acquire existing multifamily communities with unique attributes and give them new life.
Starting from our core expertise in residential development and construction, HICOM Builders has strengthened its focus on the integration of residential and commercial uses and the development of mixed-use communities. We think "outside the box" when analyzing development opportunities. We are proficient in creating distinctive environments that integrate residential uses (both for sale and for rent), retail, office, and hospitality.

The firm seeks out infill locations with exceptional attributes where we can create one-of-a-kind communities that provide quality environments for living and working. HICOM Builders undertakes projects that offer residents and users the most appealing lifestyles while offering stakeholders and investors the greatest opportunities for financial returnCONSTRUCTION
HICOM Builders delivers new construction and renovation services as well as commercial, mixed-use and land infrastructure construction solutions. HICOM Builders provides building services to clients who recognize the value of a partner who works diligently and creatively to find the best possible solution for each project and as a result, has developed a reputation for delivering a quality product on time and within budget. 

Services Offered

  • Turnkey Construction
  • Design and Build Construction
  • Project and Construction Management
  • Concept Development and Feasibility Studies

Organisation Chart

Corporate Structure

Vision and Mission

Corporate Vision
  • »To be a leading construction company and property developer with assured management expertise.
Mission Statement
  • »We are committed to offer quality products and services
  • »We are committed to satisfy customers' needs and requirements
  • »We are committed to optimise resources and maximise return to shareholders
  • »We are committed to conducive working environment and develop dynamic workforce
  • »We are committed to preserve environment and social obligation